About us

About Us

Our Story

The InfoMatix started its journey since few years with an ambition to build a software team which will provide software services using cutting edge technologies ensuring quality and reliability. We were already working to define our standards and be proficient in the industry best practices. The plan was to do something so that we can overcome the challenges we experienced in the previous companies we served.

The InfoMatix started with few projects in hand. The both project initiated from repeat customers who previously worked with us in projects imitated from freelancer sites. Those two was very successful projects and we were hired for several other projects from the same. The projects were enterprise applications in different domains and platforms including web, desktop and the combinations. The InfoMatix was also providing mobile and tablet solution. In the later years, we worked on more projects for other cus- tomers as well as for the two from very beginning. We did not look for new projects in the freelancer sites as we already had enough work to do.

Currently, we have formed a new team for development dedicated for projects in freelancer sites. We will be looking for new projects having fair budget and long term relationship with the companies. We have also started IT training wing with an objective to train in a way which will make the participants versed and capable to develop software in commercial environment, rather making just a coder. We also found a knowledge gap in the freshers joining industries from the recruitment experience of a decade. We decided to develop an industry readiness program to train various industries aspects, standards, design pat- terns, processes etc. We are jointly working with the Univer- sities to start seminars on In- dustry Readiness Program.

Let Us Introduce Ourself

The InfoMatrix is an emerging software firm producing world-class quality software for its clients since few years. We produce intelligent and powerful software which completely manoeuvres our client’s job competently. We are committed to continuous advancement in our intellect and expertise and thus accomplishing our success through the pursuit of elevated performance and quality. We believe that our job is to listen, research and understand the requirements unique to each individual business. In fact, it is the long-term relationships with our clients that has served as a solid foundation for our company.

Who are we?

Our software team is specialized in producing software to assist you to operate your entire industry smoothly. Our development team consists of experienced and qualified system analysts, application developers, solution developers, database administrators, program- mers and testers. Almost all of them are certified professionals in their respected areas. In each step of development, we use creative ideas, cutting-edge technologies and proven methodologies. It is rest assured that the software will be top-rated and most user-friendly.

What do we do?

We have a set of experienced profecionals who provide services on Software Development, Web Application Development, Mobile App Development, Database Development, IT Training, Project planning and Management, Embeded/ IOT Solutions, Automated Testing, Manual Testing, Technology Consultancy, Prototyping and R&D, Product Maintenance.

Our Process

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